Monday, September 11, 2006


Romance movie of the week:

I've decided to give you a break this week. I have been recommending videos that are deep, profound in some way, or otherwise, historically significant. No, this week's movie is different. This movie has three distinct layers that you can delve into, depending on how much you want to think. You can enjoy it on 1, 2, or all three levels. In fact, it'll be hard NOT to like this film.

On the surface layer, it's a light romantic comedy. The dialog is very funny, very New York. You could picture Jessica Stein being, say Woody Allen - except that she's a women, and somewhat more attractive. The romance has all the usual aspects you come to expect and love in a romance. It's very satisfying, with feel-good karma. If you liked "Sex and the City", you'll probably like this.

The next level down is just a little edgier, because the romance is between two women. Helen, a sexually progressive professional woman decides she wants to try a same-sex romance. Jessica is tired of the singles scene, and her mother is pressing her to meet a "nice" man. She's intrigued by the ad placed by Helen, and so they agree to meet.

On a deeper level, there's the story of anxiety of the single dating urban woman. Mr./Ms. Right may be out there, but there are so many Mr./Ms. Wrongs that you spend all of your emotional energy sorting through the debris. Jessica is so tired of that struggle that she accepts Helen's invitation as a possible way out. She's not comfortable as a lesbian, but maybe she can warm up to the idea.

The script is very well written. The back story goes like this. Real life best friends Heather Juergensen (Helen) and Jennifer Westfeldt (Jessica), developed these characters, first in comedy routines, and then in an off-Broadway play. The play was a huge success and ran a long time, allowing them to further refine their characters and plot. Eventually, they got an offer to make this movie. Now, here's your chance to watch it - why?

  1. The two main characters are childhood friend in real life and wrote the script themselves, just like Matt Damon and Ben Affleck with Good Will Hunting. And see good that movie was?
  2. It's a great "date flick". Not just a "chick Flick", men will like it too. In fact, the anticipation of lesbians will hold any man's attention for an hour and a half (yes, even me).
  3. The film is about characters, not about sex. Don't expect to see heavy action.
  4. I'm not exactly sure why #2 is true, but it is true. Anybody have a comment about this?
  5. Very good supporting cast, especially Tovah Feldshuh who plays Jessica's mother, and Jackie Hoffman who plays her co-worker.
  6. It's in English. You won't need your reading glasses for this. Unless you don't understand English - in which case you probably would be reading this anyway. Unless you have an interpreter. Make sure you take this interpreter with you when you see this movie. Oh wait! I believe there are subtitles in Spanish. OK, let me recap. If you speak: English - you're covered, it's in English; Spanish - get out your reading glasses, there are Spanish subtitles; everybody else - interpreter services are available in your local yellow pages. Not many, but some, will work for popcorn.
  7. It's very very funny.
  8. It doesn't throw any message in your face one way or the other about same-sex relationships.
  9. I'm probably going to hit you with a "heavy" film next week - so enjoy this one now, while you can.
  10. This film is rated R by the MPAA. Not because is deserves it, but because the MPAA was afraid not to. Those chicken s*** bastards!
Enjoy Kissing Jessica Stein.


At 10:32 AM, Blogger Jan Andrea said...

I am also curious as to "why" #2. Being a woman, I can't fathom the mind of Man in that regard. Maybe the subconsicous mental possibility of joining in when they find out they just need a "real man"?

Sounds like a cute movie, anyway.

At 1:33 PM, Blogger FranksFilms said...

No, I believe men love fantasizing about lesbians because there are no scenarios in which you have to think about a naked man.

At 10:43 AM, Blogger FranksFilms said...

I have another theory about this. In this theory, men are constantly looking for ways to relate to women. We don't understand them, as their logic and rationalizations are completely foreign to us. If we see women who are attracted to other women - well then - now we have something in common!

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