Monday, June 23, 2008

“….my computer has run out of t’s”

I suppose this happens to everybody at one time or another.

For reasons which i can’t explain, I seem to be in some kind of writing funk. I can’t seem to come up with a single word to write ………….well - except these. I think if I can get through this next article (coming soon), I’ll be OK. So, be patient and I’ll get back into the swing of it in another week or so. In the meantime, feel free to browse through the FranksFilms archive at past recommendations - good movies all around.


At 6:07 AM, Anonymous chris yukna said...

This is quite common among writers. Not only that, but everyone has an extensive vocabulary that they don't use. We apply the principle of least effort utilizing the most limited vocabulary we can get away with. In addition, the words used and their frequency produce a sort of genetic signature to our prose.
Frank, your blog is sort of a corpus of your vocabulary and since it is collected and in one place you think that you can see your limits clearly. But since it is chronological you can also take a peek at the progress and sophistication you have gained. chin up old chap
Now back to your problem, cyberspace has some cognitive aids that you can use from time to time to add an little chaos into the system. Take "quirky" pretty humdrum.
(note: adding nonsense words that rhyme (also called echo or flip flop words) in each of your reviews is one way to spice up your articles The actor's "singsong" delivery somehow added to the "hurly girly" ...)

Let's see: How many times have you actually used quirky?
google says just four and you can see for yourself if you use the following url:
site: quirky
BTW google says you have never used "best film of the year" hmm?
Back to quirky
Now goto for a one on one translation
quirky in Italian is bizzarro (but you knew that), in German schrullig (among others).
Okay no one is going to understand a film's schrulligstats but if you retranslate back schrullig you get "maggoty" I bet you have not used that in FranksFilms
and even
"she’s becoming more and more of an oddball"
hows that for whismical?
At Babelfish
whole phrases can be translated then decrypted back into English for that otherworldly air.
Sure you could just go to any number of thesaurus sites like
and come up with
"Deviating from the customary"
does sound like you...
And if you have all day and nothing to do, put your mundane over used word into the Wordelizer and close your eyes.
Some last words of advice
Remember, if you are really lazy: just select words stochastically in any Microsoft office document and active the synonym function! (long live whoppie tech)
I hope I have helped/benefited/accessorized/subsidized you.
Guilelessly yours
ps did you notice how I shamelessly plugged my own webpage?


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