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From the Archive: 2/14/2005

The world is going to end at exactly midnight. What do you do?

This movie follows a group of people through the last 6 hours of their existence. The film doesn't care why or how the world is ending (or why "exactly" at midnight). I think it has something to do with the sun (it was still daylight out just before midnight). It's not filled with all that annoying panic and people running around screaming and stuff. It's not filled with the typical upheaval of the earth - earthquakes, floods, meteors, etc, etc, etc.... usually associated with the end of the world. The coming of the end has apparently been known well in advance and people have gotten all that out of their system before the movie begins. Now it's just acceptance, and how do you spend your last few hours?

Try an experiment. Watch a movie like "Armageddon", then watch "Last Night". Now I would never suggest anyone actually watch a movie like Armageddon, except to then compare it to Last Night. The difference is: in Armageddon, you sorta hope they fail just so everybody dies.

So - why should you watch this movie? Let's recap:

  • The world is gonna end
  • They don't insult your intelligence by suggesting that last minute heroics can save the day.
  • better than any other end-of-the-world movie except "Dr. Strangelove"
  • fodder for the imagination - what would you do in this case?
  • it's good - funny - sad, all at once.
  • which old high school teacher would you look up?
  • party like there's no tomorrow - because there isn't.


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