Monday, June 19, 2006


Movie of the week:

I do believe that this is the runningest movie ever. It is more runninger than "Marathon Man". It is more runninger than "Chariots of Fire". It is even more runninger than Arnold Schwarzeneggar's "The Running Man", and that was a pretty running movie.

The Plot: Lola runs. She has to. She just got a call from her boyfriend who has lost a big bag of mob money. He has just 20 minutes to find it or come up with more or they will surely kill him. Lola runs. She wants to help. She doesn't know where she's going or what she's going to do. She's literally thinking on the fly. She runs in real time, that is, the 20 minutes passes by in 20 minutes of viewing.

So right now you're thinking, "this is a really short movie". In 20 minutes, she will either save him or he'll be dead, end of story. And in a sense, that's right. The story lasts about 20 minutes (give or take). BUT, what the director does is interesting. He shows the same story over again, then he shows it a third time. Each time, something small changes at a critical point which alters the outcome. Have you ever just caught a bus and wondered what would have happened if you missed it? Ever wonder what if you'd arrived at that intersection a few seconds earlier? This movie explores just that.

So, put on your jogging suit and your sweat band and rent RUN LOLA RUN for a good workout.

  1. It's in German with English subtitles (or Spanish subtitles, if you prefer. I don't know - you might have your reasons).
  2. It's damn running. It might even be too running for some viewers.


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