Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Movie of the week:

Everybody is fascinated with terrorists these days. What goes on in their heads as they lay in wait and plan their own suicide?

Malli, is a young woman in Sri Lanka. She has been part of the rebels since she was a small girl. She is hard core. When she volunteers for a suicide mission, her friends are envious of her. She is to be taken to a small village where an important VIP is scheduled to visit. The women there will place garlands of flowers around his neck. When it's Malli's turn, she will place her garland and then detonate a belt of plastic explosives under her clothes. But, while she is laying in wait, she begins to wonder if there aren't things - important things - to live for.

It's a fascinating moral dilemma and it's beautifully filmed. The language is Tamil (plus some Hindi in there) with subtitles in various languages.



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